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About Me

I am that elusive creature that many have heard about, but few have met. Yes, I am a native of Jacksonville, FL. I was born at St. Vincent's Hospital in Riverside and grew up on the Southside of town.


As an adult, I have returned to Riverside/Avondale, so you could say that I have gone far in life as I live about 4 blocks from where I was born. Real Estate could be said to be in my blood as my parents owned their own Real Estate firm. Actually, both my parents taught Real Estate at Florida Junior College, but my mother was officially the first woman in Jacksonville to do so way back in 1972. Yes, I remember. Growing up, it wasn't uncommon to spend many an evening or weekend attending open houses. As a small boy, I even helped out in the office and would answer the phones. Even though everyone mistook me for my mother, I was not dissuaded.


I was a real estate professional at heart. My path to real estate has taken a few detours. With a Psychology degree from the University of Florida, I worked with mentally disabled adults and youth for a number of years before working at a national weight loss company and then spending the past 18 years in the staffing industry. However, it has always been a nagging passion to sell real estate. It also seems to fit my life's mission, which is to assist others who need it.


I love helping people find not just a house, but instead a place to live! In life, where we call home is as personal as any family member. From pets to parents, our homes are our base. I take that very seriously. Tell me what you want. Then, tell me what you need and what you can afford, and I promise to do my best to make your reality as close to your dreams as is possible.

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